Precautions during the use of fully automatic terminal machine

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Fully automatic terminal machine, familiar to this device, naturally familiar, unfamiliar can need to know more, then take a look at the automatic terminal machine in the use of what are the precautions?

1. Before starting the machine, the corresponding power switch and air pressure switch must be turned on to make the production and production;

2, the power cord should be connected to a ground wire, otherwise static electricity will hurt the staff;

3. Lubricate with lubricating oil before starting. Then check to tighten the loose screws and the corresponding equipment, and then let go of the moisture in the gas path;

4. The pressure can be adjusted: if the pressure of the terminal machine is too large, it may damage the terminal of the wire. If the pressure is too small, the terminal will slip off the wire conductor. Adjustment method: Loosen the three screws on the front of the slider and slide the adjustment screw on the head of the slider clockwise to increase the pressure. Then you can lock the three screws on the front of the slider, and the pressure will be reduced.

5. If you find that the position of each wire is unstable after moving the terminal machine wires to a position, it means that the track transmission speed of the terminal machine is too fast, and the transmission speed of the track can be lowered by loosening the cylinder. The lock nut of the speed valve, rotate the speed control valve stem clockwise to reduce the speed, the counterclockwise rotation will increase the speed, and the speed should be adjusted to the appropriate lock nut;

6. If you find that the wires are moved to a position, they are all left or right, then you need to loosen the three screws on the main sprocket to make changes. The modification method is to open the air source by back-linking the air pipe of the cylinder that drives the crawler, and pull the crawler to place the plastic sub-groove of the wire card in the middle position of the rivet, and clear the gap between the ratchet and the pawl of the push crawler. , then fix the three screws and adjust the direction of the air pipe to achieve the purpose of adjustment;

7. The automatic function must be turned off before adjusting the maintenance to prevent damage to the machine or injury to the staff. If the automatic switch is not turned off, then the accidental stepping on the foot switch causes the machine to start, the consequences are unimaginable.

The maintenance work of the fully automatic terminal machine needs to be divided into two parts, one is daily maintenance and maintenance, and there is a regular key maintenance and maintenance. For this kind of mechanical equipment, it is not enough to rely solely on the usual maintenance. To achieve the final maintenance purpose, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance on a regular basis.

In order to ensure the lubrication effect, we must pay attention to the oil quantity of the fully automatic terminal machine. When the lubricant is dry, it is necessary to add new lubricating oil in time to reduce the friction damage. When adding lubricating oil, it should not be too much, it is best to add it to the top of the terminal machine, and then wait for it to penetrate slowly, so that the lubrication effect is better.

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