Shenzhen Hui Yang Technology Co., Ltd. After sales service

Pre-sale services

1. Provide professional consultation: Provide customers with information on products, prices, technology, industry solutions, etc., including online, telephone, mail, door-to-door, etc.; 
2. Provide sample service: free samples and mail for customers; 
3. Provide inspection and reception: customers can make an appointment to visit the exhibition hall and visit the company on-site inspection. The company provides professional reception staff.

Sale service 

1. Integrity and fairness: Regardless of the size of the contract, regardless of the new and old customers, regardless of domestic and foreign customers, we will treat them in good faith and fairness; 
2. Quality and quantity: strictly enforce the terms of the contract, For each piece of equipment ordered by the customer, we will strictly abide by the product standards and conduct multiple quality inspections. 

After sales service 

1. Hui Yang Technology  is responsible for the free installation, commissioning and free training of the equipment purchased by the customer, to ensure that the user can master the equipment operation method as soon as possible, and put into use as soon as possible;  
2. Hui Yang Technology  provides one year free warranty for the products purchased by users, and lifetime maintenance. During the warranty period, the equipment is faulty and the mechanical parts are damaged (except for human factors and force majeure factors). Our company is responsible for free repairs free of charge, and the required replacement parts are provided free of charge for the company (except for consumable parts). After the warranty period expires, the repair will only be charged at the cost price;  
3. From the date of purchase, the user will enjoy the free software upgrade service for life; 
4. After 8 hours, the user received a call for repair, and the after-sales engineer had a clear reply within 24 hours or arrived at the equipment site. The fault does not rule out, the maintenance personnel do not evacuate; 
5. Hui Yang Technology  will return to all customers on a regular basis every year, and provide technical support services at any time. 

Service philosophy

Customer satisfaction, providing customers with high quality products, complete solutions and intimate technical services.  
Professional: Professional team provides professional services 
Enthusiasm: enthusiasm for every customer from start to finish 
Fair: regardless of the size of the contract, no matter how old or new Customers, regardless of domestic and foreign customers, are treated fairly 
Efficient: High efficiency, respecting customers every minute
rigorous: rigorous attitude and style of work 
Responsibility: Responsible, placing customer needs at the top of the list 

Service Process



Service guarantee

 Hui Yang Technology has always adhered to  "customer first" and "market oriented"  service principle for the purpose. At present, the company has established a sound market service system, set up subsidiaries in China, and distribute them in major central cities in China to achieve  “close to users and extended services”. The nationwide sales and service network ensures that  Huiyi Technology responds promptly and quickly to customer needs.  
The premise of "customer first" is stable and reliable product quality and advanced technology,  Hui Yang Technology has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001Environmental Management System Certification. Long-term focus on the design and development of  "high-end assembly manufacturing". Through the deep integration of artificial intelligence, information technology and automation technology, relying on a group of high-end talents in mechanical design, motion control, machine vision, robot integration and lean, to serve and help labor-intensive line-speed end production of traditional enterprises Enterprise upgrade and transformation, to achieve the plant's intelligent, information, unmanned smart factory for the purpose.

  In order to ensure the perfect service, Hui Yang Technology has a sound customer file management system. Each customer has an independent file, and each service will be recorded in detail. In addition, Hui Yang Technology has established a comprehensive service supervision system with uniform behavioral norms and assessment standards to ensure the quality of service and the standardization of service processes.

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