What are some common faults in automatic terminal machines?

The internal core component of the fully automatic terminal machine is made of metal. Therefore, in order to prevent the external voltage and current signals from affecting the internal electrical structure, it is necessary to ensure that the contact has good electrical conductivity and must have a stable and reliable foundation retention capability. In order to prevent poor contact, the structure of the contact piece should be rationally designed to select a durable material.

       In addition to the poor contact failure of the internal contacts, there may be insulation holes. In the course of work, although the difference between the fully automatic terminal machine and the semi-automatic terminal machine is automatic, the staff will still be exposed to the outside. In order to prevent electric shock accidents and to prevent short circuit in the internal structure, the housing should be made of insulating parts with good insulation and strict requirements on thickness and size.

       The wires of the fully automatic terminal machine should also be inspected regularly to prevent the external insulation skin from falling off due to aging, resulting in breakdown events such as electric leakage.

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