HK5000 automatic CABLE+PCB soldering machine technical specifications

Date:2019-02-25 View:4012

Basic parameters

1.1. Equipment Name: HK5000 Automatic CABLE+PCB Welding Machine

1.2. Equipment size: L1580*W1000*H1950

1.3. Machine weight: 700KG

1.4. Applicable products: RF coaxial cable + PCB welding

1.5. Equipment function: 线 Wire feeding, terminal arbitrary angle control, PCB feeding, automatic welding, product receiving

2. Equipment energy requirements

2.1 Air source: 5 ~ 7kg / cm2

2.2 Power supply (single phase): 220VAC

3. Single cycle time (C/T): 4.6 ~ 5.6 seconds / PCS,

4. PCB feed thickness: 0.6mm~1.5mm

5. Wire feeding length: 49mm~249mm

6. PCB solder joint distance: board edge distance: 25mm

7. PCB solder joint angle: <15 degrees

8. Placement accuracy: ±0.2mm

9. Terminal angle error: ± 5 degrees

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