Automatic immersion tin machine Hukun6100

Automatic immersion tin machine Hukun6100

This machine is a fully automatic control coaxial cable processing automation. Its main functions are automatic cutting of coaxial cable and automatic tin dipping at both ends. Mainly suitable for antenna harness production enterprises, through the human-machine interface to achieve simple operation, strong function, wide compatibility, high product through rate.
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Application function

Maximum annual output


Automatic terminal machine



This machine is a fully automatic cutting, end, testing and immersion tin machine. It realizes fully automatic production of products through intelligent control system, machine vision system and robot integrated operation system. It is easy to operate and has high product pass rate. An automatic device essential for the production of antenna harnesses.



Automatic immersion tin machine



This machine is a fully automatic control of coaxial cable processing automation. Its function is mainly automatic cutting of coaxial cable and double-end automatic immersion tin. It is mainly used in antenna wire harness manufacturing enterprises. It realizes simple operation through human-machine interface, with strong function, wide compatibility and high product straight-through rate.



Automatic double head terminal machine

Hukun7000 3.jpg

This machine is a fully automatic control coaxial cable processing automation. This equipment realizes automatic automatic cutting machine, double-end automatic terminal machine riveting, automatic performance testing, automatic appearance inspection automatic machine. High quality products are achieved through a full computer control system.



Fully automatic FPC bonding equipment

Hukun8000 4.jpg

This equipment provides a fully automated device capable of accurately positioning safe and high-efficiency production in the NFC antenna production process; it is a combination of manufacturing technology, machine, motion control, machine vision, robot integration, lean and many other advanced technologies. Automation equipment.

    The device realizes the functions of automatic feeding, automatic tear film, automatic visual positioning, FPC automatic suction, robot automatic fitting, automatic network analyzer testing, automatic appearance detection, etc., which improves production efficiency.


Technical Parameters

Equipment size (length, width, height, mm):

2380X1000X1950(without signal light)

Total Weight:


Full load power:


Power & air pressure:

AC220V 50/60Hz 50A & >0.5MPa

Processing length:


Wire type:


Assembly terminal range:

0.81~1.37 generations compatible

Line length machining accuracy:


Stripping processing accuracy:


Single cycle time (line length 100mm as an example):

3.0S/PCS (the line length increases by 100MM, the time increases by 0.1S)

Other data

Equipment processing capacity:

1200PCSx22 hours x 26 days = 686K / month

Equipment processing flexibility:


Consumable supplies per month:

2,000 yuan / month

Product pass rate:


Equipment operation difficulty:

1 person 2~4 sets of shifts

Machine warranty time:

One year (except consumables)

After sales time

7x24 hours service

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